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During my second year at Sixth Form, I worked on a project documenting cities around the UK and abroad. I recorded my research in a sketchbook, a different medium than I'm used to, which proved a welcome challenge.
I had just received my camera from repair at the time of fall 2016. So, as you can imagine, I wanted to take as many photos as possible during this time. Me and my family started a project taking photos of the scenes around us as they changed into the red, orange and golden tones associated with Fall.
For my first job as a professional photographer, I was tasked with photographing a clothing event at St. Barnabas Church, Cambridge, November 2016. It was very fun capturing people in the thick of it, trying to grab a bargain.
We had a very warm summer in 2017 and took full advantage of the weather, visiting a host of places to bask in the sunshine and take lots of photos. I had found an old Polaroid camera in our garage and decided to mimic the effect on some of the images I took during the summer holidays.
At the end of the summer holidays in 2017, me and my family went to Hunstanton on holiday. We decided to make a Vlog, which I filmed and edited. I was practising my skills as a cinematographer, rather than just a photographer. The project has come a long way since then and there have been lots of new videos published.
During my first year at Long Road Sixth Form College, we had to make a Zine on Identity. I took my family to Wandlebury Country Park and captured what makes them unique. This was one of the first times I planned a shoot.
During May of 2017, I had the opportunity to take photos of the Cambridge University Sports Centre, along with some other students from Long Road. We were tasked with taking photos of their equipment and the building to be promotional material to go on their website.
Having just started my university course in Web Design and Development I joined The Truprint Group, a social - ethical engineering company. I then took photos at their first fundraising event. There was a limited amount of light available which made taking the photos tricky. I used a 1/80 second shutter speed (any less would have resulted in blurring the people) and had the aperture wide open at f/2.8 and a max ISO of 12800, which resulted in quite a lot of grain.
I took photos for The Truprint Groups second fundraiser which was a lot quieter than the first. I also took my flash with me which allowed me to use less ISO. Some of the photos have still turned out quite grainy though.
I joined the Sonar Magazine Society when I started University which enabled me to photograph this table tennis match between Solent and UWE. A journalist came with me and wrote an article about the event using my photos.